Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Cigars, Mojitos and Daiquiri fresa

Arriving late for the tour at one of the cigar factories - meet yet another amigo. "Hola, where you from? I work at the factory! You want to buy Cohibas, Montecristo - everything, I got..." We are brave this time, and follow the guy I call for "Juan". A 5 minutes walk (nothing in this city) up to stories, through 3 buildings, a bed room, a living room and saying "hi" to Juan´s wife, we get to a room with lots of cigar boxes. He strips us for all the money we got, while we leave with 75 big old cigars. Everybody is happy. The only one question is: do we get them out of the country - bought on the black market - without certificate - no chance - but Juan got us it sorted out for us. Ojala!
Now the hunt for the best Mojito begins - and it takes several - 8 or 9 - before we begin to think we are getting there. Then we have a perfect Strawberry daiquiri at "Floridita" - for lousy 6 euro each!
We gotta get out of here - see the country - soon we are heading for the south - Che´s Memorial in Santa Clara!

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kjartis said...

Hola Amigos! Ser ut til at alt er i skjønneste ferieorden! Stå på! La vida dura!