Wednesday, 31 January 2007

U2 must have been to Cuba !??

A Beautyful Day - our first glimpse at the beach of Cayo Lavisa.

Wild Honey - Cuba as a whole!

Bad - stomach.

Stuck in the Moment - or in Vinales without a visa!!!

Misterious Ways - but somehow everything works out...

In God's Country - in the valley of Vinales.

All I want is you - Diet Coke, Robins water of life.

Zoo Station - there you can rent a bed, too!

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - the autopista and other towns in Cuba.

Running to Stand Still - the toilet.

Exit - on the autopista, they are meassured in hours - don't miss your's!!!

One - nice culo!!!

All Because of You - George W. Bush!!!

One Step Closer - to home and love, says Robin.

Even Better Than the Real Thing - Cuban cigars bought on the black marked.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday - the budget is running low and no church to pray in.

Party Girl - lots of them!

Discoteque - where you get offered everything except a drink!

Angel of Harlem - many of those, mostly seen in the arms of white 50-year old men.

And then there is Phil Collins! Seems like Fidel has found a popy way to motivate the people and keeping up the illusion having played "[...] another day for you and me in paradise..." over and over again - all over the island.

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