Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Vinales II

We find the best paladar ever in Cuba - el jefe - Uhvaldo, who is to find in the Lonely Planet Cuba. He also has a casa. What ever you'll eat there - you'll love it!!!
We take a little hiking tour through the valley, tabaco farm, eat freshly harvested bananas and I have to watch some dudes climb in the Cuban climing Eldorado - I almost puke, not beeing able to take part. Though, I manage a boulder problem I call "La visa ,no tengo".
Batman's friend, Robin - gets to know a boxer, Juan, which becomes the second cigar supplier of our trip. My the Gods of customs be friendly the 2nd of February!
After a good nights sleep without zoo, kids AND a working shower - Robin Hood, and his accomplice Hermano Tuck take another buss with the two Danes - heading for the northern Coast - Cayo Lavisa. On our way we enjoy Robin's Ipod and we find out - U2 must have been to Cuba!

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