Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The night life is dead in havana!

"The night life in Havana is dead!" says the waiter at "Julia", a paladar with the best roasted chicken so far. And it's true. Meeting Cubans in Havana is impossible at bars - at least if you not going to pay for everything and everybody. Cubans just don't have the income. It's sad and one just doesn't get the real Cuban sabor. But we got an ace in our sleeve. On the plane to La Havana, I met an old friend of mine from Oslo who is visiting her family. We send sms back and forth and finally meet for a nice cocktailly night in the metropole.
A bit reduced we drive out of town, heading south. It takes us two hours to find the motorway. 'Bad signing' in the guide books is a joke - signs don't exist.
We drive to Che's monument, and find a casa for the night in Santa Clara. Here the locals don't bother us - or better - only very view try to get a drink. The next day we head for Trinidad and the beaches! Vamos.

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