Saturday, 27 January 2007

Hospitality - Dignity - Revolution!

We are a bit worried not to find the autopista to Havana - but somehow - there are more signs toward Havana then from... We drive into the mountains (very jungle-like) and get a good view over the southern coast. On the peak I meet a man of the mountains, who fights the bush (like all Cubans) to keep the road open. He gives me vital informations which I understand at least 50 % of. I leave some of ours and Mona's gifts with him - pencils etc. for his kids, soap and a kitchen sponch for the family. On our way, we meet many children - and whenever we are able to stop in time (the breaks of the rental car are, well, you know...) we give them something - we even risk to give a younger man a lift. Mountain people - good people!
Along the road we read many signs like Hospitality - Dignity - Revolution! Propaganda - Fidel has figured it all out!
What hospitality means we'll soon find out in ViƱales - but first we have a 360 Cuban style on the autopista and a good night's sleep in Havana.

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