Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Last hours in Cuba

We have passed the 'last 24 hours' mark. On our to do list we have wiped out: the Museo de la Revolucion, a cigar factory, another shopping tour at our favorite fair, a baseball game, a bongo course for the up and coming musician Matzito de Santiago and a little trip to Shakira's Laundry Shop, where there is nothing 'underneath' our clothes.
Still to go tonight: Getting laundry, a last mojito, a daiquiri at Floritida, a dinner at Julia's, a bongo buy on the black marked and of course and - a last night full of Cuban Sabor spiced up with a salsa tune or two, together with our two Danes.

Rob is afraid to go home - gotten so used to the 23 degrees at night in Cuba... As for me, a Cuba Conclusion is to be written on the plane down south to Buenos Aires - as one door opens and hopefully another one opens (so far I haven't got any response to my housing inquieries...).

Cuba Conclusions ... to be continued...

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Kjartan said...

Nice blogging Matzito! Looks like you're doing fine as tourists! And yes Robin, the rainish snow is awaiting you back home unfortunately.... Keep on blogging to keep us readers envious.... Must be half the fun!