Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Vinales and hospitality

We arrive at the bus station 1,5 minutes before the bus to Vinales leaves. Todo bien! Of course, on the bus, one has to speak to foreigners and again, four languanges come in handy (especially speaking German with a Peruvian, who speaks Swedish as well...?...).
Finally in Vinales, we meet a Danish couple and hook up to find a casa. We follow a skinny guy to his house. His wife uses all of her 5 Spanglish words to make us comefortable. THEN... we get asked to show our visas (a loose piece of paper not stapled into the passaporte). We've never been asked before - but here in Vinales, a small farming communi(s)ty - no visa, no casa!!!
So we leave, as do the Danes, in socialistic solidarity.When we explain our problem to other casa owners - all we get are smiles; but a cold hand.
"You see, her everything is pequenio, everybody talks - without visa we have to pay a 1000 pesos in fines ( equals 1000 euro)".
But there lives an angel in town, who works hard to get us a roof over our sunburned scalps. "If not find somesing, you sleep here - I not afraid!" The guy has got cojones!
After 4 hours... a women shows up, taking us to another amiga, who leads us to two other houses, of which the latter says " Entra! 20 pesos" (double the price...). We are very happy and say "Yes", not knowing that a whole zoo, a crying baby and a snoring husband awaits us when we get home after we have had a marvelous at who elses house - the Angel's.
The next day we move casas. Hoping for better conditions the following night.

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