Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Mouth and a perfect lobster

We leave St. Clara on the the autopista heading for Trinidad. Too bad we can't find the right exit and drive an extra 100 km. We start to wonder if it's only us or all the turists having these problems...? But we get there eventually - and find a casa in La Boca (the mouth), a nice village by the sea on the southern coast of Cuba. No wonder Mr. Hemmingway was hanging around on this island - no wonder he got the Pulitzer prize for The Old Man And The Sea. Even I get inspired to write...
The casa owner rips us off - but we've gotten used to it. As a revenge we do not eat at his house - a thing we regret - at the Grill Caribe - we get the worst food , yet. So, after dinner we have a guerilla pick-nick at the shore with crackers, salsa and Havana Club aƱejo. Satisfied we fall asleep just before 11 pm - our earliest night so far.
After a continental breakfast, we have our bearings on Trinidad - probably the most beautiful, colonial style city in Cuba. Here people are less aggressive selling things, but we feel the competition between the salesmen and women - prices are not discussed aloud - the vendors have dozens of amounts crossed out on the palms of their hands; and it's not even 11 am.
One of the more aggressive ladies on the streets leads us to a private owned restaurant. This time we are lucky! The got lobster (which is illegal to sell for non-governmental restaurants). A plate costs 8 euro - the taste is indescribable good - and the last bites almost make our bellies burst.
Content we leave Trinidad, with yet another Che T-shirt - next stop Havana.

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