Saturday, 3 February 2007


One the plane from Panama City to Buenos Aires (BA) I wonder how the whole show will go down in the big mentrople in the South of this Great Continent. In order not to get ripped off in the very beginning (maybe movies like Nine Queens aren´t the best thing to watch before you go to BA) I start a converstion with a young lady from Panama, studying in BA. Jovana assures me she´d help me when we´d get there. And she ain´t a liar, I tell you!
So anyway, transport problem is solved. Housing is worse; the agency I contacted to rent an apartment from never answered my request...
After a 8 hours flight and a non-stop-talking-woman from Honduras, Jovana and I take a cab togther. At 4:50 a.m., she directs the taxista to a hotel she stayed at, during her frist night in BA. But of course - it´s booked out. so are the next two we check. In the end, my friendly companion is sick of the game and offers me to crash at her place. Gladly, I accept. When arriving at Jovana´s, her flat mates get up - kiss us on the cheeks and fall asleep again... and so do we.
Too early, I wake up, it´s hot already and the clock doesn´t even show 10 a.m. It worse than in Cuba - a lot worse. When Jovana, now my guide in town, and I head for the rental agency - I am dying in my long pants and 23 kilo on my back.
At the agency I am able to rent an apartment in Palermo (Soho) for slightly more than I hoped for, but with a bit better standard. The only problem: I can´t really pay the rent - and nobody in this world is able to help me :-( The withdrawl at banks is limited to 2/3 of the total costs. But after some discussion and promisses, I get the appartment anyway. When I finally can enter mi casa, it´s 7 p.m. After moving in and some shopping (there´s a new chef in town!), I´ll head for the pool party at one´s of Jovana´s friends house.

Life in BA so far has been good to me - at 2 a.m. I hit the sack. The first BA-hurdles are overcome. Tomorrow I´ll take it easy - I´ll get to know the neigborhood, plan the tango adventure, take some pictures and do my blog chores. And that´s where I am now. You are up-to-date! Thanks for reading! Abrazos desde Buenos Aires!


Jovana said...

En conclusión, tu primer día en Buenos Aires, fue poco usual a los primeros días de los demás.

L&&L said...

Vamo, Matzito!

We're enjoying your reports from the south. And to paraphrase Pink Floyd: Wish we were there!

kjartis said...

For å skape en internasjonal blogg svarer da jeg på norsk. Underholdende lesning Matz, men man blir å vente på oppdateringer! Bra jobba med andre ord! Kos deg videre, og vi krysser fingre for at du unnslipper "Montezumaz revenge".

John Andre said...

artig å følge dine fotspor, og rapporter med konklusjoner fra cuba var spennende og litt misunnelsesverdig..:-(
god tur videre
vato loco


Matz said...

Thanks very much for following zee blog!
Saludos y abrazos desde BA,