Thursday, 15 February 2007

Wellness in BA

I guess, you think it's all fun and vacation here. Well, it's not! It's hard work learning new moves and not forgetting the old ones, doing the logistics - (washing clothes, buying shoes, writing blog, classes, eating, classes, testing wine and local beer, buying more shoes) - and milongas until 6 0'clock in the morning like this Monday.

Life brings you down if you don't rest in time, here in BA. And how often Sebastian, an instructor at DNI, told me to relax - well, I couldn't keep the count. So Tuesday was the night off - to bed at 8 p.m. and Shiatsu massage first thing in the morning today. What a treat - for a whole hour! When I got up from the massage bench - life was perfect, the energy was floating through the meridians like crazy. Victor is a god - and here is his office: J. L. Borges 2186, Palermo, Buenos Aires (CF) tel 4777-0871. Too bad, the god doesn´t have a working homepage at the moment...

After the massage - everything felt easier - everything floated. I'll be back at Victor´s office - mañana and the day after mañana, too! And who knows, maybe even Sebastian will recognize a change on Friday, in the private lesson, where he sure enough will drill me and my pitiful posture. So long... vaya con dios - or get a massage of one!

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L&&L said...

We know how you feel ;-) Keep up the good work!