Saturday, 10 February 2007

The Tango World...

The tango world is pequeño - indeed very little! Three days ago I met two Swedish milongueros from Östersund (just a little to the right on the map of Trondheim). An after a little chat we found out that we had been to the same tangofestival i the past fall of 2006. Not enough with this - today, I met the first Norwegian couple, living in Fredrikstad. They just arrived, so there was lots to talk about: where to go, where and what to buy, who to have private lessons with... And of course we found a link, too. The couple had been to a class of Stein Erlend and Ingrid, two of Trondheim´s instructor couples, during a festival in Oslo. Crazy, ain´t it?

As the tango world is little -Buenos Aires the capital of tango, still is too big for me with all it´s tempting offers... To get my head over water, i decided to stick with one school (or two). Otherwise I´d lose my fragile sanity! DNI has buena onda - good vibes - with nice and good teachers (good enough for me at least). Though I wonder what my fellow dancers in Trondheim will say, when I get back with a "internalized" DNI-style. We´ll see... Tangobrujo is the other school I took a closer look at. There my first lesson was rather mind-twisting. The´profesores asked me to dance the women steps, while I still had to lead as a man... Do you get it? Well, I had the same problems understanding/doing it! Still, fun it was!

Per e-mail a shoe order just flew in - a lady´s shoe. As if buying shoes for myself wasn´t difficult enough. But I guess, I asked for Jack-Ass-requests... We´ll see how it goes with the black, 8,5-9,0 cm heels with heel cap and open toe :-)

As for private lessons... which are incredibly cheap here (compared to Norway) - my bank account recently told me not to... Cuba has been even more expensive than I dared to think... "With a little (big) help from a friend", to quote Joe Cocker - I am not in the need to sell my body to the pretty Argentinian women or worse... unshaved men! Thank´s again, amigo. You saved my ass! (Pardon my French!!!)

In 30 minutes the next class awaits me - with twisty turns, heavy weight-shifts, and rapidly moving feet. Then at around midnight, it´s time for Club Sunderland - a classy, consevative milonga. But who knows... this is life in the fast lane - and plans change within seconds!

Abrazos desde BA!

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