Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Nostalgia - y nada más!

It's tuesday, february 20th, Trondheim airport, 22.45 h. Two Brazillians and I step down the stairs of the noisy plane. The wind is blowing like hell, small hills of frozen snow are building a small border around the run-way. It's MINUS 10 degrees Celcius or worse.
It's roughly a 100 meters to the terminal building. At first, we can hardly breath in the cold air. We shiver in our thin sorry clothes. We are not sure weather we should cry or laugh. A puta madre slips out, we shake our heads, look at each other and laugh...

Nostalgia is the only thing left - after an amazing trip to crazy Cuba and marvellous Buenos Aires. Nostalgia... filmed by Diana (silent movie!).

This blog has reached it's end - and purpose. Pictures of the trip will be posted soon under this " PHOTO LINK here. Enjoy!

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