Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Buenos Aires Conclusions!

1. Buenos Aires was worth it - both in terms of mileage and pesos!

2. Buenos Aires has a boomerang effect on me - I will come back - for a longer period of time. Oh yes, my boss will love it!

3. BA has just sooo much to offer - the architecture, the food, the music and life-style etc. etc. etc. Just a pity I only had 2 weeks there. Next time I'll be a better tourist, picture-taker, and tanguero (hopefully).

4. But then again, Buenos Aires has draw-backs as well: the summer heat, the beautiful women, the amazing shops with a good price-value relation, the food, the crazy night life and the relaxing massages! How can I ever be happy again - whenever I am not there!??

5. Tango-wise, I might be more confused than ever - with a bus load full of homework to do. Still, BA taught me the longing after jugendstil, a good steak and la dulce vida - and I believe some more tango skills will emerge during future visits :-)

6. BA is a melting pot - and it literally melted my brain in terms of languages. Speaking up to 4 different languages a day, made my simple-structured brain cook. It'll take me weeks to get my Norwegian properly on track again! As for the Spanish (or Castilliano, as the porteños call it), I really wished I had studied a bit Italian before I got there. But I guess, I got the major points in conversations with taxistas, vendors, tango teachers and waiters anyway...

7. Buenos Aires is a big city - and without the help of my jugendstil-addicts L&&L the tango-start in BA would have been terribly difficult (actually without them I might never have come to continue to get tango-ed in the first place, not to mention a trip to BA). Muchissimo gracias for the incredible BA-Tango-recipe, amigos!!!

8. Without friends you are lost - especially in a big city like BA. I consider myself very lucky to have met soooo many nice locals in taxis, milongas, DNI and on the streets plus of course people from Panama, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, Scandinavia, the Balkan, Japan and many other places in this little world. It's been a pleasure, thanks for the good time! Just a pity Robin 'Robusto' Martin had to leave my side after Cuba!

9. An expedition is always only as good as the support team! A very very big THANK YOU goes to credit-shark and chief blog commentator KHT and my koi-keeper and welcome-committee MH! Rum and Cohibas are waiting for you! Mi casa tu casa! Thanks go as well to Mr. "Connections" in Australia and my folks in PF!

10. And last but not least, blogging was a lot of fun! Thanks for reading and commenting it!

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