Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Close to Heaven...

In the Lonely Planet, one can read: An Argentinean asks a Spaniard: "Which country is closest to Heaven?" The Spaniard replies a bit pissed off: "Argentina, I suppose...". "No", goes the Argentinean, "It's Uruguay!" *

As told, I followed the orders of my tango instructors L&L to find myself a place to live in Palermo. And now I know why! Palermo must be the gate to Heaven. Here you'll find everything you can ask for! Cafés, little squares, restaurants, massage/alternative medicine institutes and shops, shops, shops - of all kinds, in sizes, with the oddest things you can imagine! I wonder if one of the L's went mad here in the shops, while the other L seriously started to worry about the budget. At least - I do worry about mine!

But of course there are other parts of town, too - not less tempting...

* For the ones who didn't get it, please check the map.

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