Saturday, 17 February 2007

A turista at last...

What a day... Not only managed I to pick up my sexy shoes; I even made it to one must-see here in BA - the Cemetery of Recoleta - where Eva 'Evita' Perón was buried in 1952. Actually, the tombstone of Evita was one of the rather boring ones, but there are other scary and amazing ones! The rainy weather added a certain flavour to the ambiente today, and it sure scared the sh*t out of a lot of photographers - but my Canon is a tough one - used to the Norwegian weather, and so am I! Bloody wet and about a 100 pictures later, I left the dead for a nice warm shower. Shortly after, my last private lesson with Sebastian followed, who loved the Cuban rum I had to leave behind due to over-weight (the bag, I mean...). That was as close I ever got being a regular tourist in Buenos Aires. Maybe I´ll get lucky and find a time window to see something else - but I doubt it. Guess, I just have to come back... hihihi. Tonight we'll be at Salón Canning until early morning dew. Pablo and Dana (DNI bosses), Sebastian and Eugenia (DNI) as well as Marcello and Analia are going to have a show with live music - a spectaculo not to miss. Class tomorrow seems little tempting - but as Dana put it: "If I can have the show tonight - you can come to my class tomorrow!" La chica tiene razón, helvete!
Besos a vos, desde mi querido Buenos Aires!

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