Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Shoe Shopping In BA

Rather relaxed I walk into Comme Il Faut, the place for buying high-heeled and funky shoes. By my side a female shoe fanatic - as an extra expertise. I wonder how it's going to go, buying my first pair of female shoes ever. Life as a bachelor is tough again!

To my surprise, this is fun. I dive into the white boxes and have a foot model shoe show me the art pieces on the cat walk. I get excited - want to buy many pairs, but I only got the money for one. Luckily!

The dilemma question is: What would T. like most of all those crazy high-heeled and highly addictive pairs? I ask my come-along expert - but go for another one which caught my eye at once. The other junkies in the shop look enviously at me and my white little shoe box. ¡Disculpe chicas - this one is sold!

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