Saturday, 10 February 2007

Thoughts & Observations

"Marriage is Russian Roulette..." says my taxi driver, with a smile. He is old, his face marked of the good old times. He must know. And somehow, marriage must have something in common with tango lessons. Every time I join a new class, every time I learn from a different teacher - I got to do it differently. Taking classes is Russian roulette, too. You never know what´s gonna happen! I wonder what my tango folks in Trondheim will say when I´ll get back, disoriented as I am now...

Talking about women... God made the Argentinian woman quite tall in average. He must have done this so guys my hight can dance tango cheek to cheek all night with these ladies, without getting backproblems! As to the Argentinian men... they are compared to the Argentinian women rather small of size. I asked a guy form Belgium why it was like this - and I couldn´t have asked a more competent expert on this: "They are small, so we tall Europeans have got a marked here!".

When I was living in Trondheim as an Au-Pair, we had a maid. It was a pleasure comming home and everything was clean! But that´s a long time ago and I had to wash and clean my flat myself ever since. Lucky me, here in BA a maid is included in the apartment. And you know what? They don´t just clean the floor - she did my bed, changed my towels and even washed up the dishes. So my advice - sell your home, buy an apartment in BA, get a maid - and you even save the dishwasher!

Alcohol and dancing tango doesn´t mix well. Norway and alcohol prices don´t mix well either! Here a liter of beer costs 20 kr. = 2,5 euro. Life sucks!

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