Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Ojalá the rain starts pooring down on me!

BA is addictive - many come back several times. Some even for several month.

Tango is addictive - many don't have any other hobbies, don't talk about other things, practise day in and day out. Some only talk to tango-ed people. And - they buy shoes! Many pairs of them. I always laughed at them for having so many pairs. Well, not anymore, I don't... At least I don't have the right to anymore.

It's yesterday. I follow one more order of my tango profesores L&L: Go, buy shoes at Ar-Sil! I Hate buying shoes. They never fit, I don't like the colors, they are too expensive! There is always a reason to be annoyed when buying shoes. But this time, it's different! At Ar-Sil the shoes are tailor-made. No more compromises between the shorter left foot and the narrower right one. I get messured, and then it comes! "Señor, pick style and colores, por favor". Jesus, Mr. Can't-Decide has to pick... It takes me ages... What kind of leather? Which color? Wing tips, or no schnick schnack at all? Well, in the end, it's two pairs - one a bit more in classic black style (taco 3), another pair in brown with two different types of leather (taco 2). Here we go - a new shoe fetishist is born! But I doesn't end here.

The bells ring in my mind and Lars says: "... and if you think you need shoes to practise - go to...". I'll take that one as an order as well... Off to Riobamba #10, 10th floor - where a neighbour of Fabio Shoes tells me, that the shoes are too expensive, bad in quality and ugly. "But I don't really know, I don't dance tango", she goes on. "Yeah right", I think to myself, turn around and open the door to Fabio. There I find another pair - just like made for my feet. And off to the next shop!

6 steps out of Riobamba #10 it monsoons down on me. I get soaked - my other shopping plans are being washed away - for now. Thanks God, the rain started pooring down on me!!!

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