Wednesday, 7 February 2007

High up under the BA sky

Still owning only a pair of shorts for the playa - today is the day to buy some more comfortable pants or shorts. The only problem my big fat ass. In lot's of stores my size seems to be sold out, or more probable, they never thought of ordering this size in the first place. Off course some shops sell "tents" but they either look horrible, or do not fit the purpose...

Without pantalon-success, I try to meet two Canadian milongueras (female tango dancers) at DNI, a tango school in the center. Due to German planning I have 4 minutes to get from inside the taxi to class. Too bad, the taxi driver dropped me of at another school - problem is... I don't know it, yet. I ask at the reception which sends me up 4 floors. No class before next week, I get told. So down to the reception again... Now I get the feeling the receptionist doesn't understand me, but when asking and asking again it becomes clear: she doesn´t have a clue what´s going on in this house! Out on the street again. I talk to a girl, who looks like a dancer. She sends me to another house - that of course is not the right one either. But it seems the lady had good intentions, at least.

In the end I arrive 28 minutes late for class... Why? Well, after running around like an idiot following all the helpful information - I enter an internet café to check the address again (that I must have left in the taxi). By now I am 3,5 blocks away from DNI. The house number is the only sign (!) that indicates DNI´s existance. And and I get a Cuba flashback... Anyway, I survive the class, not hurting anybody physically, appart from my ego which doesn't get over the fact that I never really manage the dubble giro with the tripple sacada and a back-breaking kinky stopp pluss the turn in directions... or whatever it is supposed to be...

But at least, I do meet the Canadians, who heard about a 'vernissage' of Tango Moda clothes combined with a practica (a training type of thing - much less formal than a milonga, where etiquette is very strict) on top of a penthouse close by. The five of us jump in a taxi, and when we get thrown off, we can't believe we have been dropped off at the right place. An entrance, big enough to drive a firefighters truck right through, awaits us. Marble is all around us, and the jugendstil ornaments adds the very special flavour to this building. On an open-air terrasse we are welcomed with a glass of wine - 16 floors above the streets of Buenos Aires - which at 10 p.m. are covered in the colors of the night. The view is incredible, high up under the BA sky. The ambiente is trés chic with music, wine and tango dancing - and I find myself a pair of pants by Tango Moda, that sit like the wedding ring on the finger of a newly married bride - perfect! Oh, I forgot to mention, at DNI they also have nice pants - which I just couldn´t resist from buying... Two pairs in one night - the pants problem is worked out!

The night ends at Practica X, where I even manage to ask a local lady to dance with me. While I dance a way in total connection with her - she never stops laughing... Well, at least my dancing didn´t make her cry, right!? Personally, I think she´s just a positive and happy girl ;-)

Buenas noches, queridos!

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